I met my Idiol!

Posted by Zack Miles on Saturday Nov 5, 2011 Under My Music Related Stuff

A week or so ago I went to check out Dio Disciples play live and I got to meet MY FUCKING IDIOL! Rudy Sarzo! ( Bass player for such bands and Ozzy Osborne, Whitesnake, Quite Riot. and I believe Blue Oyster Cult there for a while, too. Not totally sure on BOC. )

 ( It’s a Ronnie James Dio tribute band. Ronnie James Dio was a one of my favorite vocalist of all time, too. He could sing like a bird one minute and cut your head off the next with his vocals.) Awesome song writer!  When I was in high school, like 10th grade or so,  before I realized that speeding tickets were a really bad thing, I got like 10 speeding tickets in like one week driving around listening to Dio’s Last in Line album. It was fucked up. But I still jam the shit out of that album all the time. And to listen to the tune Holy Diver live is like a wet dream! )

Anyway… it was unbelieveably cool to meet Rudy! Check out this pic I got to take with Rudy! Hehehehe I was so stoked I could have shit myself.

Zack Miles and Rudy Sarzo


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