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Posted by Zack Miles on Wednesday Nov 2, 2011 Under My Music Related Stuff

Recently I went down to the auditions for the show X Factor (Simmon Cowell’s new show simular to American idiol. ) I was only there as support for my singer, because he was there to audition. I wasn’t actually auditioning or anything. But if you happen to have saved the show where they do the X Factor auditions in Dallas there is a shot of me in that show. For some odd reason they used a shot of my ugly ass mug at (from what I was told) about 15 minutes or so in the program. ( When the show aired my phone blew up with family and friends that said they saw me. My brother supposedly has it on his dvr, so the next time I’m over there I’ll finally get to check it out. I’m wearing my black straw hat and they do a close up of my mug for a few seconds. Hehhehehe.)

I’ve really just created this blog as a way to kind of journal the things that happen in my world or that happened in the past. Kind of like a little scrap book. I think it will be really cool to look back on a bunch of this stuff someday as time goes on. Plus I have this need to constantly create. It’s an awesome stress reliever for me for some reason to just write or make up songs or video tape something, or blow a couple of loads….heheheheheh  ect….ect…ect. I really think I’ll like doing this blog!

Here is a pic this chic at the auditions snapped for me being a goof ball making little devil horns while we were hanging out. You can see the big X Factor X in the background. There were a lot of wild folks out there. Fun times! Fun times indeed. Zack Miles X Factor Audtiions


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