Enjoying the Sun… BIG TIP FOR YOU. Read this please.

Posted by Zack Miles on Friday Aug 7, 2015 Under My Random Daily Stuff

I haven’t added anything to my blog in so long it is crazy. So I figured I would post something so ya’ll know I’m still alive. hehehehe And NOOOOO… this is not a picture of BIGFOOT and The Loch Ness Monster ! It’s just me! heheheheh ( Just fucking with ya’ll..lol) I still have been going through hell trying to heal up that dang neck injury. I don’t think anything is worse than a neck injury. Man… hard injury to recover from for sure. But I am getting better every day and I am positive I will make a full recovery. I plan to start shooting new stuff soon. But I had tried to do a couple of shoots a while back… that I will add, but I wasn’t fully healed and I just don’t like the shoots. They are not bad and they are certainly filthy. But not up to my normal quality of filth I usually try to put out. So I been trying to wait until I get 100% healed. I just don’t like doing shit half ass. But anytime now I should be ready and I have actually already met a few freaks I plan to peal open real nice for you guys.

So to round things up, it’s been pretty fucked up trying to heal up this neck fracture. But I am thankful for every bit of healing I receive.

OHHHHH speaking of being thankful! Everyone that knows me… knows I try to do a few things everyday to gain some good Karma in life. Here is a perfect chance for me to do one good deed for today… I hope this helps a lot of people.

So here is a tip I have learned that I want to pass this along… ANYONE having any kind of pains in the body, needs to do some research on EARTHING. (Or Grounding.)  I have been doing it as much as possible for the past few weeks and I bought some body bands that I plug into my wall socket at night that I sleep in (one band that goes around my wrist… I bought mine through Amazon.com) that have been doing wonders! This is the greatest health find since penicillin they say.

I am sleeping way better. Healing faster. AND THIS IS THE MAIN PART I WANT TO PASS ON TO YOU GUYS BECAUSE YOU GUYS TAKE CARE OF ME. I could probably crash my cock through a door since I started this earthing thing…lol . YOU WON’T READ THIS ANYWHERE ELSE.  HEHEHEHE( But I believe from my experience it even helps with erection issues. Not that I have any.. but I have noticed way better blood flow in the ole slong, too. I figured I pass this on to you guys because I know dudes are always asking for tips on shit like this and I rarely know any.) Something about earthing/grounding moves the blood in your body, I saw that in a video on grounding called The Gounded… that came with my bands. It is good for you! Do your research and give it a try. It is working magic on me. And I pray it will you too.

I hope you are all enjoying the summer. I know I am. The weather could not be better.

I love ya’ll with all my heart.

Zack Miles





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