Happy New Year 2014

Posted by Zack Miles on Thursday Jan 2, 2014 Under My Porn Related Stuff, My Random Daily Stuff

Hey you guys! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. And I really hope you all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m gonna try my best to make 2014 extra fun myself. :-)And hopefully we can crank up the naughtiness a little this year. And with any luck my new swing club will have it’s grand opening sometime 2014. I been working on that project for a couple of years, so it’s got to come together sometime soon. I just don’t wanna do it half ass is all. Thank you so much for all the cool letters from you guys. I appreciate you cats! Anyways….I took these goofy pics to add to my photo album here on my blog. ( I look more and more like a dang cartoon character every year. hehehehehe)




P.S Just so ya know. I plan on uploading some new releases some time tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the new Mcnasties.

Zack Miles

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