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Never bet with the ole Zackster! Hehehe

Never bet with the ole Zackster! Hehehe

This post here is really just poking some fun at an ole biker buddy of mine. I ain’t gonna go into details. But a long time friend of mine I ride with ( not fucking….hehehe ride on motorcycles with… just to get that straight, for all you perverts out there. Hehehehe.) He lost a bet he and I had and I just wanna rub it in. Hehehehe Anyway… eat this sucker!

To all the rest you innocent by standers that land here and get the ole finger shot… this is not to you guys.

As for you cats that are wondering what the ole Zackster’s been up to. Not much… been mainly chilling in the pool and trying to take shit easy. I’m finally totally over that fucking neck injury bullshit and have starting shooting pretty regular again. ( Although I had lots of footage in the can before I got hurt.)

I’m in the middle of editing new stuff and should have all that done in the next week or two as long as all goes well. Just figured I poke my head in and post some BS on the my blog. Not much into the blogging gig really. But as I start shuffling around a little more I may find some junk interesting enough to possibly mention here and post it.

ANYWAY……. Back to my ole biker buddy. You don’t really have to pay me for loosing man. I don’t really need the money brudda. Consider it a early Christmas present or something. And just be happy I didn’t post a big picture of my ass or something really fucked up. Hehehehe Love ya brudda. 🙂

And I love the rest of you cats out there too. Take care. I’ll check back. Later gators.

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