I’m Alive!

Posted by Zack Miles on Monday Oct 31, 2011 Under My Porn Related Stuff

Hahahaha I’m just joking around. The Halloween party I helped crash last night was a success! (I may post some pics from it eventually. But I’ll blow that off for now.) To follow up on the topic a little…I played this biker bar with my band and dressed up as a Roman Stud last night. Everyone said ” it took some balls to wear that outfit”. (Mainly because I was mostly naked and it was cold as hell last night. It got down into the 30’s I believe.) But they all say I pulled it off perfect. 🙂 It was a really fun party.

I actually am one of those kind of people that likes to be put in awkard situations. I love to do anything that gets the blood pumping. 🙂 (Evil grin).  Here is a funny example. A long time ago I went on The Jerry Springer Show. ( This was back when the show was in it’s prime, too, when everyone used to watch the show.) I’m guessing it was about 13 years ago when I did this. Pretty funny video. I was nervous as hell when I heard all the people chanting Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! between commercial breaks and all that. I look like a little kid.  ( I was really young dumb and way more full of cum.  This is my ex wife for the record. I have been re-married for almost 10 years now.)




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