Rocking The Dallas Fetish Ball

Posted by Zack Miles on Sunday Nov 13, 2011 Under My Porn Related Stuff

This weekend was a blast! Last night was a blow out at the annual Dallas Fetish Ball 2011. I didn’t really deck out or anything, because I had other business to attend to before the show and was not even sure if I was  even going to have time to make it. I know enough people and they already know I’m a freak without having to really deck out anyway. But at least I made the show. Lots of people wanted to take pictures with me. So I spent more time in front of other peoples cameras instead of  getting pictures of mine own, for the most part. The place was full. There was more ass there than you could shake your dick at last night. And all the lesbians were in rare form. And I’m lucky I made it out of this party without having my fucking ass spanked. ( As you know many folks, guys and girls alike were getting their asses punished! I mean… spankiing ass is a huge fetish! One of which… I’m not totally down with having my ass busted. ) I really love being around the free bird types like this.  Makes me feel normal. Hehehehehe

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