I struck out. :-(

Posted by Zack Miles on Sunday Nov 6, 2011 Under My Random Daily Stuff

I went to a little swing party last night at a friend of mine Juliet’s house. ( Actually just getting in.) And long story short, I struck out big time. It was a kind of small party only about 15 couples or so, showed up. And I was invited as a single, which I’m not used to doing the swinger party thing without the wife or at least a female date. But it was a last minute iinvite and the wife didn’t feel like going. Guns and Roses played here in town last night so, I think most people went to that instead. But I went anyway, because I figured what the heck, maybe I’ll meet a new freak to do some jump and jacks with, who knows? Ā And I didn’t have any fucking tickets to GNR, anyway. . šŸ™ Most the women that did seem like they wanted to fuck wereĀ so drunk, I don’t think it would even haveĀ been right to try to fuck them! Hehehehe Some really obnoxious brawds, let me tell ya. They were blasted! So I basically kind of blew any potentialĀ fun with the drunk chicks off waiting to see if something better would come along. And ended up with shit instead of shine ola. It’s all good, though. I got home and the little wife was just about to take her sleeping meds and crash and I was able to catch her and drill her butt hole before sending her off to sleep. Ā Alls well that ends well. I’ll be back on the hunt for ass tomorrow, I guess.

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