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Posted by Zack Miles on Friday Nov 7, 2014 Under My Random Daily Stuff

I haven’t added anything to my blog in so long it is crazy. And we just had some awesome new great dane pups hit the ground. My wife slapped a few shots of me holding a few of them the other day. Damn… they are cute! heheheh Check out these little buggers. I love all dogs, but great danes pups are┬áso awesome. I love their lips when they are this small. hehehe Crack me up. Had to show ya’ll.


















































On another note…. I am almost totally healed up from that damn neck injury. Just having some trouble looking down without some pain. It’s been hell for sure. I wouldn’t wish a broken neck on my worst enemy, that shit sucked. But it is getting better every day. So I should be shooting new stuff soon. Thankfully, I had stuff in the can already shot when all this shit happened. All my new shit will be in full HD. So I’m sure the shots of the all ladies goods should be extra exciting. ­čÖé

I’d like to have all my stuff available in anyway you could image in time. On VHS, CD,┬ádvd, WMV,┬áHD, ┬ámp3, LCD, PCP, PSP, ESP, TLC,┬áLSD….┬áhehehehe. You know what I mean.? Anyway I can get to ya’ll would be good.

I figured I’d check in real quick. I love all ya’ll. I really do. Be good to each other out there.

Zack Miles

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