Posted by Zack Miles on Friday Apr 12, 2013 Under My Music Related Stuff

If you are following American Idiol this year, then you have got to vote for Candice Glover! OH MY GOD! Her performance Tuesday night won my vote for sure. This was my favorite live vocal performance I’ve seen in my WHOLE LIFE. I had chills the second she started singing HER VERSION of The Cure’s “Love Song” and they never quit till the end of the song. I feel so fortunate to have seen this live and in the moment. It was truely so perfect in every way. ( This girl is beautiful. And her voice is amazing.) I had to find the video and share this with you guys.

I LOVE THIS! CHECK IT OUT. If this doesn’t make you feel totally wonderful inside, your dead. Hehehehe Oh it’s beautiful!

Anyways… sorry I haven’t posted any new comments in a while. But all is good. Hope your all doing well, too. I love you guys!


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