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Posted by Zack Miles on Sunday Dec 16, 2012 Under My Random Daily Stuff

I’ve been saying this for years. Times are changing and not for the bad. It’s a beautiful time to be alive! You just need to slow down and look around. And this film says it all. It’s a wonderful production and I personally see this as the best exmample of the real truths to come. I can only hope you can take some time to watch this. It really makes me feel good. And I hope it does you, too. I hope you have happy holidays. ( And for those of you missing loved ones that have pasted away, especially the widows of our American Military, I send my greatest gratitute and love to you. Please be strong.)

I really love you all.

This whole entire film is brilliantly produced from beginning to end. But I especially love the hypothetical this guy says at 57:10 through 57:38 it is the best hypothetical statement I’ve ever heard of your current situation that is about to pass. ( Moral is… Don’t be a cow folks…hehehehe.) There is a mass awakening taking place.

Love is a state of being. Choose Love. Send Love. Receive Love. YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!!! 🙂
JUST IMAGINE!!!!!! A world with no guns. No weapons of mass destrustion. A world with no racism. No greed. No hunger. No sickness. No boundries. No hate. And it will be.

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