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Posted by Zack Miles on Tuesday Jan 24, 2012 Under My Random Daily Stuff

I normally never talk politics because as far as the whole Democrat slash Republican issues go, I’m personally one that thinks both parties suck ass pretty bad. I see flaws on both sides all the time. First off.. I think all them folks are so over paid it’s UNBELIEVABLE to sit up there and bicker all day, day after day on the same issues they been arguing over for 50 years never being smart enough to come up with any answers for anything of major concern to anybody after all this time. At best the folks in congress should be paid the same pay rate as our soldiers are, which I would have no problem with at all. They do work, just not very hard like the rest of us out here do. You can look at them and see they are way out of touch with reality let alone listen to them talk. It’s crazy to sit back and watch these folks  in congress pretend to work each day and not be able to really do nothing about it. Because, no matter what it’ll be the same thing year after year until politicians are not funded by huge corporate interest. Plain and simple. It’s all corrupt. Either way… I’m just some hippy chump. I’ll never be able to make a difference, so why BS about it all day. I have lots of work to do unlike those folks. Republicans nor Democrats will ever work together to get anything done until the day comes our law makers can no longer be bought. Just my personal oppinion, but it really would be great to see the day when republicans and democrats could just come together and fix the MAJOR issues. It’s called The “UNITED” States of America! Not the Republican States Of America nor The Democrat States Of America. I mean Jesus Christ. Grow up already, they just need to put all their heads together and find common ground and fix the BIG issues if nothing else. Mainly all the corruption shit first. Then work your way down through all the minor BS. I mean damn, honestly. If they can’t govern their own actions up their, how in the hell can they govern the rest the counrty and actually sleep at night. It’s fucked up.  (And finally a big fucking exhale. Hehehehe)

Anyway… I just could not help my self  after seeing this. You know it’s bad when a little sweet chic like this has more brains and  balls to step up and say it like it should be, than just about anybody in congress.  I don’t know about anybody else. But I’m persoanlly sick of hearing about the two….( mind you, two?) parties arguing over any studip ass thing they can find to nag about and never fixing any issues. This chic here, even though half her brain has been damaged, sounds more intelligent then all the rest of them put together. Bless you sweet heart. Hats off to you from me even if nobody else in the world agrees. You inspire me more than words can say baby doll.


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Just touching base real quick

Posted by Zack Miles on Monday Jan 16, 2012 Under My Random Daily Stuff

Hey hey hey…. just wanted to say, I hope you guys are having a happy new year out there so far. So far so good for me, too. I’ve managed meet and shoot some really good girls starting the year off. Even through I have not had time to edit and get them all added to the site yet. I feel really lucky to have met these past few girls I’ve met and really can’t wait to get them added to the site. You guys WILL LOVE THEM.

Anyway… I’ve been working my ass off lately on a project I actually started way back in like Feb of 2010. And after almost two years this dream is finally to the point I’m trying to tie up loose ends in hopes that I’ll finally be able to get it all moving. I don’t really wanna let the cat out of the bag at all, just incase I’m not able to get it all rolling. I hate to  actually talk about major business plans or goals and such with anybody individually, let alone out loud on something like a blog or what not. You know what I mean? That way, if I fuck up and if my plan doesn’t work, I’m the only one that knows I wasn’t able to pull it off. Hehehehehe (Therefore I’m the only one who knows the plans got fucked up.) Hahahaha I’ve tried a million things in life and had a million dreams that haven’t worked out. I really don’t care about all the stuff that didn’t work out. I just keep trying new ideas. The stuff I’m actually able to pull off is all that matters in the long run. 🙂

But to drop tiny hints. It all revolves around my swingers lifestyle back ground. And if it all works out, it should open the door to opportunities to shoot some of the best content ever lensed and the best array of women from around the world ever. 🙂 I’m working very hard behind the scenes to say the least. If it all works out I should be able to make lot of new really entertaining stuff for you guys. And girls.

I really think 2012 is gonna be a great year. I’m so happy they finally got most our troops home! That is awesome! And you really can feel tensions easing when you cruise around town talking to folks and from what I can tell economy seems to even be going up some. At least things seem to be picking up from all that I can see. A friend of mine that is a sales representative at a Ford dealership was telling me he’s selling cars pretty regular again. So that tells me more than likely folks are making a little more money themselves out there.  Either way… I hope  it’s gonna be a great year. I’m happy as fuck 2012 is here.

I’ve been working out like a rabid monkey and actually cut down another pounds this past week! I’m getting leaner and leaner all the time. I actually ran 3 and a half  miles in under 30 minutes the other day. I used to could barely make a mile period. Hehehehe Like I was telling one guy that e-mailed me earlier today, I felt like Rocky in the scene where he jumps at the end of his run when he makes it to the top of the stairs.  It was bad ass to reach that goal. I’ll be 44 in February and I’m in better shape than when I was in my twenties!

Anyway.. I really appreicate all the kind e-mails wishing me a Happy New Year. I hope you guys all have a Happy New Year, too. AND MANY MORE! (Picture me seeing that AND MANY MORE line.) And remember… be good to them girls out there.  Peace out. Be back as soon as I can.

Zack Miles The Dirty Director

Zack Miles The Dirty Director


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