I’m Alive!

Posted by Zack Miles on Monday Oct 31, 2011 Under My Porn Related Stuff

Hahahaha I’m just joking around. The Halloween party I helped crash last night was a success! (I may post some pics from it eventually. But I’ll blow that off for now.) To follow up on the topic a little…I played this biker bar with my band and dressed up as a Roman Stud last night. Everyone said ” it took some balls to wear that outfit”. (Mainly because I was mostly naked and it was cold as hell last night. It got down into the 30’s I believe.) But they all say I pulled it off perfect. 🙂 It was a really fun party.

I actually am one of those kind of people that likes to be put in awkard situations. I love to do anything that gets the blood pumping. 🙂 (Evil grin).  Here is a funny example. A long time ago I went on The Jerry Springer Show. ( This was back when the show was in it’s prime, too, when everyone used to watch the show.) I’m guessing it was about 13 years ago when I did this. Pretty funny video. I was nervous as hell when I heard all the people chanting Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! between commercial breaks and all that. I look like a little kid.  ( I was really young dumb and way more full of cum.  This is my ex wife for the record. I have been re-married for almost 10 years now.)




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The Roman Stud Dog

Posted by Zack Miles on Friday Oct 28, 2011 Under My Random Daily Stuff

Hahaha what a dork! Hope I make it.

Hahaha. As you can see I’m gearing up for a Halloween party this weekend. I went out today and picked out my costume. ( This is gonna take some balls…. but I’m going to a party at a biker bar this weekend dressed as a Roman Stud.) Hehehehe I know… I’m crazy as hell. 🙂 But with any luck this should be a fun Saturday night. I’ll post some pics if I’m still alive.

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My Official Blog is Born!

Posted by Zack Miles on Thursday Oct 27, 2011 Under My Random Daily Stuff

Ok….. well.

Here we go! Zack Miles finally breaks down and goes vocal with the very first and more than likely only blog, I’ve ever done. I’ve been working in adult video and produced different series for various companies across the USA  for over 15 years. And personally I’ve always been nervous to do a blog or do a facebook page or any of that. I’ve really just always worried with my lifestyle I couldn’t keep up with all that. ( I get a shit load of e-mail daily from all my fellow pervs, as it is.) And I personally answer every e-mail myself. And I think it’s time to go modern and see if I won’t be able to communicate better with all of you this way. Plus give you guys a little more personal insight into the world of Zack Miles. ( Me! Get used to that kind of crap. Sometimes the only way I can talk about myself, is to suddenly feel as though I’m talking about someone else. I know….weird. But I’ve always done that without thinking about it sometimes.) I know already… I’ll probably have horrible grammar. And I’ll pronounce stuff wrong all the time and stuff like that. But that’s the way it goes when your just a raunchy redneck. And that’s why I chose that URL. I’m just a crazy ass down to earth country boy with a zest for life and friendships, a love for music and lots of insane sex! I’m very heavily involved in the adult video business, swinger community, and am also a pretty fucking radical bass player for a rock band.  I’ll be filling you guys in on my doings on a regular basis and all kinds of things I do. I’ve been told many times in life I should have a book written on my life. It’s a wild mother fucker! But I don’t know how to do all that. And I’m not really the kind of guy that really looks back much anyway. So here goes nothing. This is the story of Zack Miles. Some past, some present, and a whole crazy future ahead. Make sense or not. Let’s roll baby!

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