Felix Baumgartner breaks world record!

Posted by Zack Miles on Thursday Oct 18, 2012 Under My Random Daily Stuff

This dude is insane. ( In a good way!) ! I am so interested in base jumping. I’m not sure why? But I’m always watching cats do these crazy jumps. I get a lot of e-mails from guys that are always saying they hope I never quit shooting because they really live through my experiences in a way. I guess that’s the same thing I do with watching these dudes that base jump from really high places. But this shit is crazy. But then again wouldn’t it be bad ass to be that be that crazy?  Now that’s living! 🙂 This would be a story to tell the grand kids..lol. HAT’S OFF to Felix. You got some huge balls man! Hehehehe  

Here is a full version. This one is really awesome!






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Ladies and Latex…yum

Posted by Zack Miles on Monday Sep 17, 2012 Under My Random Daily Stuff

Just dragging my ass in from a hard night party’in. 🙂 I went out earlier tonight to meet up with some friends and check out a latex art show. The girls were all having fun sporting their little latex outfits. I love love love chicks with really fair skin! A couple of these girls are so pale they looked like porcelain dolls. (I’d give my left nut to have video of a dirty threesome I had with two gothic twins a while back. ( Hey twinies, as I called them.. if you read this. Call me!) The girls were beautiful tonight!!!!

I entered a raffle to win a Dean guitar. I was hoping like hell to score that baby. But no luck.

Anyway…tonight was fun as hell. I figured I’d share a few pics of my evening.

I’m tired as fuck. Off to sleep for now.

P.s I’m finished shooting all the stuff I’m gonna be adding for new DVD releases and I’m in the middle of editing now. You guys are gonna love the new goodies I’ve met. Some pretty naughty action coming. Some of the kinkier girls I met in a while. Hehehehe Anyways…. just checking in to let everyone know all is well. Hope life is treating you good, too. Love all you cats out there. Peace.

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I like this show. Hehehehe

Posted by Zack Miles on Sunday Aug 5, 2012 Under My Random Daily Stuff

Finally they got a show on tv I can relate to. Most the shows on are a bunch of pretty boys or yuppie type folks (Boring.. yawn.). tttttHehehehe These folks here are the spitting image of my folks and the way I’ve grown up. Never a fucking dull moment around my house growing up. This espisode where he expained the birds and the bees, especially hits home. But my ole dad did it with a hustler magazine. Hehehe Good fucking tv watching. I love this show. It’s the bomb. 🙂

Hehehehe pretty funny.

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Go Holly! Go! Hehehehe

Posted by Zack Miles on Sunday Aug 5, 2012 Under My Random Daily Stuff

Hey hey hey go USA!
Sooooo…I been following the Olympics pretty close. I’m super proud of our athletes! They really been kicking ass. As of today anyway. USA has the most gold medals (54) with China being the only other country really close behind with (53) metals. ( And to all my online friends from other countries, I’m not rubbing it in or anything. Just saying I’m proud of my fellow Americans. I still love all my friends from other countries, too. You know that. Hehehehe You ought to hear me and some of my online friends picking at each other during football season. It’s a riot. Especially one buddy of mine from Philadelphia. You know who you are? LOL ) Anyway… That cat Michael Phelps is really an amazing swimmer. DAMN! Like our military they really do make you proud to be American. No doubt Americans are known for being some hard working folks all the way around. Hehehehe

But what really inspired me to make comment on the games is a story I saw on NBC today on this female power lifter Holly Mangold. ( Her brother is the center for the New York Jets by the way. Nick Mangold.) Anyway…I loved her interview. Hehehehe It’s awesome.  The exact interview she did on that show is not online anywhere. But this one here is pretty damn cool.

I find inspiration from people like her. Where some people whine about their weight or whatever. This chick has turned it into a positive in every way. Fucking awesome chick both mentally and physically. You go girl!

I hope she doesn’t find anything wrong with what I’m saying! hehehe Being that she can lift 350 pounds over her head. And I only weight 150 pounds. That could sure lead to one hardcore body slam. hehehehe No shit.

P.S On another note… I been out and about and I found some hot new contestants myself. I plan to be shooting two new scenes this week that I’m pretty sure will be really really good. Stay tuned. You guys take care out there!

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My Crazy Dog. He’s a hoot.

Posted by Zack Miles on Tuesday Jul 24, 2012 Under My Random Daily Stuff

Today was an awesome day outside, so I had to get out and goof around in the sunshine some. My ole dog Butkus usually likes to go outside with me and wrestle around and have me throw him balls and stuff. But I am not moving my neck and upper body good enough to do all that with him yet. My neck is starting to move a lot better. But I’m still pretty stiff. I’m still in physical therapy a couple of days a week trying to regain more range of motion. I was tripping out watching this video of me playing around with the water hose and spraying Butkus. I move like Ozzy Osbourne! Hehehehehe Anyway… My ole dog Butkus is a river rat. He loves the water bigtime.  I love the parts where Butkus is jumping up to catch the water. It hard to believe a 150 pound dog can even jump like that. He’s a hoot.

Anyway… was just touching base. I hope your all doing well. Peace and of coarse love to you all. Have a good one. I’m trying my best to do the same.



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Just So Ya Know….

Posted by Zack Miles on Thursday Jul 12, 2012 Under My Random Daily Stuff


OK you guys and girls….lol. I haven’t t fell off the planet or anything ya’ll. I just didn’t want to alarm folks, so I just never said anything to anybody until I have been able to finally heal up.  But for the most part,  I been totally fucked up the past 3 months. And when I mean fucked up, I mean fucked up bigtime. As in bed ridden fucked up. I did mention I had a neck injury a while back. But the story deepened and I just never told the whole story until now. But anyway.. to make a long story short. I been dealing with a broken neck the past couples of months. (I did have a drunk titty dancer twist my head funny and throw a vertebrea  out of alignment in my neck a while back, sure. But after that I ended up getting a small fracture in my C2 vertebrae dealing with the chiropractor trying to get it adjusted back in. Which ended up causing shit loads of swelling and inflammation, which put lots of pressure on my cervical spine, which caused 4 herniated disks in my neck. It was a fucking disaster! I never felt pain like that shit in my life…lol. So I have not been able to type much or anything till now. I’m finally almost healed up. I’m extremely happy to be making a full recovery. And other than maybe regular arthritis type pains or flare ups down the road, I should not have any long term trouble. I have almost regained my full range of motion already. My orthopedist and my physical therapist are both impressed with my speedy recovery. I have had some pretty bad nights since the injury. But for the most part I’ve tried to stay in good spirits. I did trip me out for a little while people starring at me when I’d go out to doctors appointments or whatever like I was some sort of weirdo or something. I can only imagine how people in wheelchairs feel. So anytime I’d get someone starring real hard I’d just pour on the gimp look to give them something to really stare at….lol Fuck it. I just decided to go with it. If I’m gonna have to look goofy, I might as well go all the way! Hehehehehe Flipping out the kids that would stare was particularly fun. 🙂 See examples below. Hahahaha I figured what the fuck. I hate to whine. Especially where other people can see. But this is life. So fuck it…. I’m adding it to my scrap book of pics and stuff here online. I got some shots of the goofy faces I’d hit the folks with that would stare and a few of me at the hospital just before my MRI. And then another more recent pic my wife shot of me the other night now that I’m recovering and felling a little more my self again.


Also on a good note. New DVD releases are up. Pretty good stuff. I’m sure you guys will dig those flicks. I love all you folks and hope life is treating you well. Be good to each other and take care.

I’ll be back. ( Like the terminator. Hehehehehe.)

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Posted by Zack Miles on Sunday Apr 29, 2012 Under My Random Daily Stuff

I just had to show ya’ll our new pups! I can’t believe how awesome a litter my Bella had. ( I got 7 Great Dane pups scooting around….lol.) They are all so cute it’s unbelievable. I love the smell of little puppy breathe Hehehehehe! Bella had 8 pups total. (All females) But the runt of the litter past away a couple of days aftyer she was born. But the other 7 are nursing like crazy and are getting so strong. I can’t wait to see what they look like when they open their eyes. Somehow I didn’t get a pic of me holding one of the Mantles. But either way… I had to share what my pups turned out looking like with everybody.

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Finally Recovering

Posted by Zack Miles on Wednesday Apr 18, 2012 Under My Random Daily Stuff

The ole raggedy neck is finally getting better. I found out I had torn a muscle in my neck. Not a lot I can do but chill and let it heal. Hehehehehe But as soon as I’m past this crap  I’m probably gonna be heading to Missouri  a day or two and then possibly be in Lousianna for a few days after I get this neck thing kicked. I figured I’d do a little post being that my last post wasn’t exactly going so well.

In my spare time, I have  been playing the shit out my guitar and I’m hoping soon to starting recording songs and making some cool music videos. I been playing bass guitar for a good 25 plus years. But recently taught myself to play guitar and sing at the same time. I’d never quit swinging or doing my adult video stuff. But with any luck I’ll be putting out cool acoustic albums and licensing cover songs and doing remakes of some of the songs I really like soon. I’ve always  had this need to constantly create. Music and sex are two of my main areas I love to vent. I can’t wait to eventually be doing these music videos, too. Anyway… enough BS for now. I’m alive and well. 🙂 I’ll be back.

Hey… ya’ll trip on this video. Sure makes me feel small!!!!!!!!!! Hehehehe Wait till you see NUMBER ONE. That’s crazy! Hehehehe I think I wanna try to skydive soon. If I do… I’ll get some video of it. But for now… I’ll live through the eyes of these cats. And be thankful I can do that. Hehehehe This is awesome. 



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Damn it’s late!

Posted by Zack Miles on Saturday Apr 7, 2012 Under My Random Daily Stuff

Was just about to crash out and got a wild hair to post. Been up in pain like a mother fucker. I went out to hang out with a few of my buddies at a Strip Club the other day and ended up coming home with a fucked up neck. I’m not sure what it is about long hair that makes chicks wanna grab a handful and pull the shit. But that’s what happened. I went up to tip this freak and was looking down about to get out a few dollars to tip her and before I even knew what happened this chic grabbed me by the hair and twisted my head up to look at her or something. And my neck just cracked! It’s really fucked up. I been to the chiropractor but still not any better. It’s like when you wake up with a horrendous fucking crick in your neck, only ten times worse. Anyway… not to worried about it. I’m hanging in there.  I still worked out today and everything. I get strength from things like this actually. It reminds me I’m human, I guess. When I workout one of the things that usually gets me through my workouts is pain. Because I know for every time I get through my workout, I come out of it a stronger person, both mentally and physically with any luck. But this neck injury is definitely testing my ass, no doubt. Anyway….it’s kind of ironic. Because for months now I usually listen to these two videos below before I work out. Never knew these two speeches would eventually have this much meaning to me. But damn.. they really are hitting home for me now. I figured I’d share the links incase anyone else out there is going through anything simular to my situation. We’ll be alright. I hope… night ya’ll. Love ya.


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Awesome Spring Day!

Posted by Zack Miles on Monday Apr 2, 2012 Under My Random Daily Stuff

Awwwwwwww hell yea… I had an awesome day yesterday for sure! I’m so happy spring is finally is here! As a lot of my good friends know, I’m a fucking motorcycle nut. ( Actually before I was ever working in adult video, that is what I did for a living. I used to do custom paint jobs on custom conversion vans and motorcycles for a living. I’d probably still give many of the painters I see on tv shows like American Chopper and what not a run for their money even these day, if I were still painting.  Hehehehe  I really loved the shit out of being a painter. Boy weren’t those the good ole days! ) Anyway… I went out and hung out today at Strokers Dallas. The weather was picture perfect other than a little excessive wind, to be out on the motor scooter. I ran into several old friends I had not seen in years! ( I’m looking forward to the Bikers “Adult” Rally in Alvarado Texas come April 26-29th. I think a bunch of my swinger friends are going to ride out. Should be interesting. I would think there should be a few late night naughty parties after dark. Either way sounds fun!) I dig doing the ROT Rally in Austin. And of coarse Ride For Dime every year! (I really miss my Ole buddy Dime Bag Darrell. The guitarist from the legendary metal band Pantara! What Id’ do to hear Darrell say GETCHA PULL again. )

Anyway…I  met a little freak. She was a  really cool chic. Hehehe She tripped me out. I was just standing there minding my own business with a camera in my hand. And out of the corner of my eye this brunette  just starts posing like hell for me. I’m like… damn, kinda confused at first? She must think I was needing a picture of her or something? Hehehehe Either way, that turns out to be a  lucky break. So I ceased the moment and took a couple of pictures and then started talking to her. Long story short. This little MILF turns out to be a majorly cool chic. She was a single girl with a beautiful smile, some awesome baby blues and a really nice little body. Who know’s? I’m definitely going to be following up on the situation. 🙂 There were so many hotties it was unbelievable out yesterday. But the three chics that ended up as finalist in the bikini contest really were stunning. I took a pic with the little cutie than won. ( Boy you talk about a soft little bod on that one.) I took some pics of some the bikes and a few babes to add to my scrap book and let you guys check out, as well.  I wish I had taken more. But I spent to much time bull shitting around with folks, as usual.

(Trip out on the paint job on the gold bike. That shit is insane!) And don’t laugh at my ugly ass… with the Harley hair going on. Hehehehe I know I looked like a bucket of shit. Not like I give a rats ass. Hehehehe Never claimed to be no pretty boy. I would have been perfect for the progressive insurance commercial with all the folks with helmet hair! (Search youtube for “Flo Doesn’t Worry About Helmet Hair”) It’s pretty good. Hehehehe

P.S….. Anyway… I finally got new dvd releases up on the site for all you cats that have been hammering me with e-mail wondering when the new shit was gonna  hit. Definitely worth taking a gander at. 🙂 Evil Grin.


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