Enjoying the Sun… BIG TIP FOR YOU. Read this please.

Posted by Zack Miles on Friday Aug 7, 2015 Under My Random Daily Stuff

I haven’t added anything to my blog in so long it is crazy. So I figured I would post something so ya’ll know I’m still alive. hehehehe And NOOOOO… this is not a picture of BIGFOOT and The Loch Ness Monster ! It’s just me! heheheheh ( Just fucking with ya’ll..lol) I still have been going through hell trying to heal up that dang neck injury. I don’t think anything is worse than a neck injury. Man… hard injury to recover from for sure. But I am getting better every day and I am positive I will make a full recovery. I plan to start shooting new stuff soon. But I had tried to do a couple of shoots a while back… that I will add, but I wasn’t fully healed and I just don’t like the shoots. They are not bad and they are certainly filthy. But not up to my normal quality of filth I usually try to put out. So I been trying to wait until I get 100% healed. I just don’t like doing shit half ass. But anytime now I should be ready and I have actually already met a few freaks I plan to peal open real nice for you guys.

So to round things up, it’s been pretty fucked up trying to heal up this neck fracture. But I am thankful for every bit of healing I receive.

OHHHHH speaking of being thankful! Everyone that knows me… knows I try to do a few things everyday to gain some good Karma in life. Here is a perfect chance for me to do one good deed for today… I hope this helps a lot of people.

So here is a tip I have learned that I want to pass this along… ANYONE having any kind of pains in the body, needs to do some research on EARTHING. (Or Grounding.)  I have been doing it as much as possible for the past few weeks and I bought some body bands that I plug into my wall socket at night that I sleep in (one band that goes around my wrist… I bought mine through Amazon.com) that have been doing wonders! This is the greatest health find since penicillin they say.

I am sleeping way better. Healing faster. AND THIS IS THE MAIN PART I WANT TO PASS ON TO YOU GUYS BECAUSE YOU GUYS TAKE CARE OF ME. I could probably crash my cock through a door since I started this earthing thing…lol . YOU WON’T READ THIS ANYWHERE ELSE.  HEHEHEHE( But I believe from my experience it even helps with erection issues. Not that I have any.. but I have noticed way better blood flow in the ole slong, too. I figured I pass this on to you guys because I know dudes are always asking for tips on shit like this and I rarely know any.) Something about earthing/grounding moves the blood in your body, I saw that in a video on grounding called The Gounded… that came with my bands. It is good for you! Do your research and give it a try. It is working magic on me. And I pray it will you too.

I hope you are all enjoying the summer. I know I am. The weather could not be better.

I love ya’ll with all my heart.

Zack Miles





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Hey Ya’ll

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I haven’t added anything to my blog in so long it is crazy. And we just had some awesome new great dane pups hit the ground. My wife slapped a few shots of me holding a few of them the other day. Damn… they are cute! heheheh Check out these little buggers. I love all dogs, but great danes pups are so awesome. I love their lips when they are this small. hehehe Crack me up. Had to show ya’ll.


















































On another note…. I am almost totally healed up from that damn neck injury. Just having some trouble looking down without some pain. It’s been hell for sure. I wouldn’t wish a broken neck on my worst enemy, that shit sucked. But it is getting better every day. So I should be shooting new stuff soon. Thankfully, I had stuff in the can already shot when all this shit happened. All my new shit will be in full HD. So I’m sure the shots of the all ladies goods should be extra exciting. 🙂

I’d like to have all my stuff available in anyway you could image in time. On VHS, CD, dvd, WMV, HD,  mp3, LCD, PCP, PSP, ESP, TLC, LSD…. hehehehe. You know what I mean.? Anyway I can get to ya’ll would be good.

I figured I’d check in real quick. I love all ya’ll. I really do. Be good to each other out there.

Zack Miles

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Happy New Year 2014

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Hey you guys! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. And I really hope you all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m gonna try my best to make 2014 extra fun myself. :-)And hopefully we can crank up the naughtiness a little this year. And with any luck my new swing club will have it’s grand opening sometime 2014. I been working on that project for a couple of years, so it’s got to come together sometime soon. I just don’t wanna do it half ass is all. Thank you so much for all the cool letters from you guys. I appreciate you cats! Anyways….I took these goofy pics to add to my photo album here on my blog. ( I look more and more like a dang cartoon character every year. hehehehehe)




P.S Just so ya know. I plan on uploading some new releases some time tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the new Mcnasties.

Zack Miles

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I’m in Redneck Heaven! Hehehehe

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OH MAN. Dude! There ain’t nothing in the world I love more than puppy breath! Hehehehe I didn’t get a chance to take pics with all 9 pups my Bella had, because ole Bella was so fidgety me messing with her new babies, so I’m gonna let ya’ll see to two I did grab a shot of and leave her alone. I didn’t want her to step on one or something after she got up trying to look after these two. They all look about the same anyways. But damn,,, Bella did so good. These pups are so awesome! Take a gander at these little toots! ( I don’t have kids, so these are my babies here!) Figured I’d share some shots of’em with ya’ll. Hehehehe Ain’t they cute! 2 Days old remember. Look how big and healthy these little buggers are! Hehehehe. These pups hit the ground hungry. 🙂


P.S OH and so ya’ll know. I’ve met some new super horny freaks lately, too. One of which is more than likely gonna end up being a new swing partner I’ll be rolling with. I’ll be shooting a scene with her in the next week or so. Ya’ll are gonna flip over this chick for sure. This ole girl has booty all the way up to her back. No shit. Ya’ll better put on your seat belts. This ride might get a little bumpy! 🙂

Stay tuned!


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Doing Worry. Be happy!

Posted by Zack Miles on Thursday Oct 10, 2013 Under My Random Daily Stuff

I don’t know about everybody else But I’m so sick of all the ignorant fucks in congress arguing and this government shut down shit, I could shit myself. Hehehehe ( Especially when they are whining and crying about issues that all the courts across the land have already settled. Dude. Insanity! God damn…. LOL! THat is enough to make a mother fucker laugh so hard you’d cry…lol. ACA is LAW meat heads! Accept the fact and move on already. Almost hard to believe. Congress it’s self is the biggest waste of tax payer dollars we really have. Anyways…. I choose to look at happy things and see things on the bright side. And if you are smart you’ll do the same thing. Staying pissed off about bull shit you see on tv does nothing good for you, but disrupt your day and life. Stress is disease!!!! Go out of your way to feel good! See the happy positive things around you and ignore the negative argumentative idiots types you run across. Just my personal opinion. That is what I do…hehehehehe No shit. Does not matter what party you “think” your a part of. PEACE. Think PEACE. Think Love. Peace. How hard is it. Peace.

This is the kind of thing I’d rather pay attention to! Hehehehehe I love this!

I have family in the military recently back home to be thankful for. And I have 8 dogs myself. I love my dogs and I couldn’t hug them all and kiss them all enough after seeing this video. Dogs are so cool. 🙂

Oh…P.s my Female Great Dane “Bella” is about to have a litter of pups! I’ll post some pics in the next couple of days after she has them. 🙂

Either way… If I change one persons mood for the day I’m happy. I love you guys out there. Republican or Democrat. Don’t matter to me. I love you all the same.


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Now this is smart! :-)

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Why in the hell I never thought of this idea I’ll never know. ( Maybe because I’ve had my head deep in ass most my life. Hehehehe This is a real product to by the way. And certainly a must have around my pad from here on out. Hehehehe Ya’ll should enjoy this. Seems like some redneck would come up with this a long time ago. Oh well… maybe nexttime. Roll it. 🙂

Girls Don’t Poop. Poo Pourri

Girls can shit like bears trust me. LOL Bout time someone thought of a cure. Hehehehehe

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Never bet with the ole Zackster! Hehehe

Never bet with the ole Zackster! Hehehe

This post here is really just poking some fun at an ole biker buddy of mine. I ain’t gonna go into details. But a long time friend of mine I ride with ( not fucking….hehehe ride on motorcycles with… just to get that straight, for all you perverts out there. Hehehehe.) He lost a bet he and I had and I just wanna rub it in. Hehehehe Anyway… eat this sucker!

To all the rest you innocent by standers that land here and get the ole finger shot… this is not to you guys.

As for you cats that are wondering what the ole Zackster’s been up to. Not much… been mainly chilling in the pool and trying to take shit easy. I’m finally totally over that fucking neck injury bullshit and have starting shooting pretty regular again. ( Although I had lots of footage in the can before I got hurt.)

I’m in the middle of editing new stuff and should have all that done in the next week or two as long as all goes well. Just figured I poke my head in and post some BS on the my blog. Not much into the blogging gig really. But as I start shuffling around a little more I may find some junk interesting enough to possibly mention here and post it.

ANYWAY……. Back to my ole biker buddy. You don’t really have to pay me for loosing man. I don’t really need the money brudda. Consider it a early Christmas present or something. And just be happy I didn’t post a big picture of my ass or something really fucked up. Hehehehe Love ya brudda. 🙂

And I love the rest of you cats out there too. Take care. I’ll check back. Later gators.

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Cool Dog. Hehehehe

Posted by Zack Miles on Thursday Jan 24, 2013 Under My Random Daily Stuff

Hey man…. Hehehehe… this dog is out of control! Thought this might bring a smile to some of your faces. I love it. Hehehehehe

On another note. I got some really cool stuff in the works with a new band that should be the bomb. I’m sure I’ll post stuff on my new band as time goes on. Should be real fucking interesting. 🙂

I got some killer new stuff coming as far as my adult stuff in the works, too. Always working!!!! Love you guys out there! Stay safe. And like I always say, I’ll be back!


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Send Some Love

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I’ve been saying this for years. Times are changing and not for the bad. It’s a beautiful time to be alive! You just need to slow down and look around. And this film says it all. It’s a wonderful production and I personally see this as the best exmample of the real truths to come. I can only hope you can take some time to watch this. It really makes me feel good. And I hope it does you, too. I hope you have happy holidays. ( And for those of you missing loved ones that have pasted away, especially the widows of our American Military, I send my greatest gratitute and love to you. Please be strong.)

I really love you all.

This whole entire film is brilliantly produced from beginning to end. But I especially love the hypothetical this guy says at 57:10 through 57:38 it is the best hypothetical statement I’ve ever heard of your current situation that is about to pass. ( Moral is… Don’t be a cow folks…hehehehe.) There is a mass awakening taking place.

Love is a state of being. Choose Love. Send Love. Receive Love. YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!!! 🙂
JUST IMAGINE!!!!!! A world with no guns. No weapons of mass destrustion. A world with no racism. No greed. No hunger. No sickness. No boundries. No hate. And it will be.

2012 Crossing Over


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Posted by Zack Miles on Wednesday Oct 31, 2012 Under My Random Daily Stuff



 Hey… I donated. Now… you be cool and donate, too. 🙂 Trust me.

It feels good!!!!!! Help some folks that need you.



THANKS!!! Love you guys!




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