Before and After

Posted by Zack Miles on Friday Nov 11, 2011 Under My Workout Stuff

I really have no idea what all I might add to my blog. I’m just pretty much winging all of life, let alone my blog. Hahahaha So I may say or post anything on this thing. ( With the exception of a big pic of my ass hole or something fucked up like that. Hehehehe I’ll spare you guys that kind of shit.) I’ve never really had rhyme or reason to my life in general. All I do is try to have fun, make friends and build memories every day I wake up. (Which reminds me I met a really hot MILF last night. I met her online and we hooked up and swang a little. ( She’s a little swinger chic.)  I’m sure this chick is gonna be the next new girl I shoot video with for

She had a smoking body. Pretty athletic, but nice plumpness to her build at the same time. She was a really tan chick (48) and has a nice build. So I’m gonna definitely work on making her the next contestant. This chick likes some pretty heavy butt fucking, too. Anyway… I’m always on the hunt for new ass. Nothing new there. But I’m pretty excited about meeting this chic. I think you guys will dig her. Next time I see her I’ll take a pic and update this blog post. But I don’t have a shot of her now.

Anyway…. I got a mean workout in today! I’m wanting to kind of document my body transformation. I’ve been working out pretty heavy for about a year and hoping to sooner or later be as ripped as a God damn action hero or some shit. Hehhehe Here is a pic of my progress. 🙂



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